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The Top 5 Houseplants to Bring Your Home to Life in 2021

Investing in your indoor garden isn’t just about aesthetics. A good houseplant offers a suite of other benefits as well, including air purification, stress reduction and a helpful mood boost. If you’re looking to make your living space or home office more verdant, we have got a list for you. Here are the houseplants that will be trending in 2021, and their reasons for becoming so popular.

1. A Crawling Philodendron

The philodendron genus encapsulates hundreds of different species, but most of those varieties can be broken down into two groups: crawlers and upright plants. A crawling (or climbing) philodendron is perfect for achieving that draping aesthetic in your home. If you have been looking for a plant to place in a Pinterest-inspired macrame hanger, this is the one.

Philodendrons are pretty easy to care for, requiring only moderate sun. Water them when their top inch of soil dries out. But one word of caution--if you have pets that tend to nibble on houseplants, avoid philodendrons. They are toxic to both humans and animals.

2. The Fishbone Cactus

Succulent gardens have been popular for a few years now, because of their dessert-aesthetic and low maintenance care routine. But it’d be nice to get some variety in there, right? The fishbone cactus is what you’ve been looking for. With offshoots that look like a fish’s skeleton, these Mexican cacti provide texture and vibrancy to an otherwise drab living area. And fortunately for those non-green-thumbed gardeners out there, these little buddies are very hard to kill.

3. A Snake Plant

Snake plants look just as good on an end table as they do on Instagram. This is a plant that likes it warm--so no need to worry about watering it every day. With fronds that stand up straight in the air, this potted friend will break the mold in 2021. You will soon start seeing them everywhere.

4. A String of Hearts

This is a crawling plant with leaves that look like--you guessed it--hearts. This makes it a great option for draping on a side table or in a sunny window. Water this plant sparingly, because it favors dry soil. And if the sweet little hearts are not enough, this plant also produces tiny purple blooms.

5. The Velvet Calathea

The short hairs that cover the leaves of this plant give it a velvety texture. The leaves have a rippled appearance, and dark purple undersides, bringing a contrasting note to your indoor garden. These plants will be popular in 2021 for their easy demeanor. But the best part about velvet calathea is their daily routine. They close their leaves at night and reopen with the sunrise. Enjoy passing the day with this plant by your side!

These are the houseplants we foresee being popular in 2021. But the best plants are the ones that bring you joy. Comment with your favorite houseplant of last year, this year, or of all time!

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