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5 Websites to Assist in Your Home Search

6.5 million homes were sold last year. And these days, the house hunting process almost always starts online.

Even if you link up with a qualified real estate agent, there’s a lot of information you may want to seek out on your own. Individual neighborhoods, proximity to schools, and other personal factors are things you’ll want to familiarize yourself with before getting too far into the search.

You’ve likely heard of Zillow and their subsidiary, Trulia, but where else can you go to find the information you need? Keep reading for our list of house hunting sites that can point you in the direction of your new home.


Dwellr is somewhat atypical when it comes to real estate websites. Dwellr is an app created by the U.S. Census Bureau, and informed by the American Community Survey. What this means is that Dwellr is less focused on specific houses and more concerned with telling you everything you need to know about your current neighborhood.

Statistics-wise, it’s hard to find a better app than Dwellr. Use it when you are interested in relocating to a new neighborhood or city.


If you are looking for an investment property, Roofstock is a good place to start. Roofstock provides a platform for people to sell homes that already have renters and property managers. As an investor, this makes it exponentially easier to make money quickly on your new property.

But is it legitimate? In order to sell a property on Roofstock, properties must pass an inspection and have their listing value verified, providing you with some peace of mind.


Homefinder is a great website for someone who is trying to get to know their local real estate market. The website makes it easy to search specific areas, and even has tabs for things like Open Houses.

If you’re just starting to think about buying a home, visiting open houses to get a feel for the market is a good idea. That’s why Homefinder is a great place to start.


Xome is unique in that it is one of the only home shopping sites where you can actually close a deal online. Not everyone feels completely comfortable with this, so it’s okay to just use this site for browsing. But if you are looking to make a fast purchase, Xome might be for you.


Redfin is a great house buying site for those who are ready to jump into the process head first. In addition to helpful online 3-D tours, one of the primary objectives of Redfin is to match you up with a real estate agent. If you’re at the point where you are ready to make that connection, check out Redfin.

Find Your New Home Today with NWG Urban

Browsing house hunting sites can help you realize what’s important for you, what’s realistic, and what kind of home you are looking for. This information helps you connect with an agent that shares your style and vision.

At NWG Urban, we take on boutique-scale luxury developments in the city environment. Sound like what you are looking for? If you’re ready to start making moves toward your new home, reach out to us today!

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