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4 Scientifically Proven Motivation Strategies

When your to-do list gets unbearably long, it is more important than ever to stay motivated. But sometimes the higher the stakes are, the harder it is to get going.

So how do you pump yourself up when you need it? In this blog post, we are going to outline four scientifically proven methods for self motivation. Keep reading if you are ready to quit procrastinating and start getting stuff done.

1. Keep Track of Your Progress

This is particularly helpful for long-term goals. When you have bigger projects it can be hard to stay motivated over a period of weeks, months, or years. When it comes to things like health goals or house remodels, it is easy to lose steam and bottom out on motivation.

Teresa Amabile of Harvard University published a study outlining the ‘progress principle.’ Once you make some progress, it spurs you on to make some more. Progress becomes a fruitful cycle. So keep track of the steps you make, no matter how small. Growth over time will ensure that you stay motivated!

2. Boost Serotonin By Eating Chocolate

Staying positive is a great way to maintain motivation. But a good mood is hard to summon on cue. Did you know that there are ways you can lead your brain there automatically? Eating foods that interact positively with your brain chemistry — hello, chocolate! — is a good place to start.

Chocolate increases serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin can make you feel calm and pleasant, which can then help you muster some motivation. Just remember to eat top quality chocolate with a high cacao concentration. Candy bars that are mostly sugar won’t have the same effect!

3. Embrace Natural Light

When it comes to maintaining productivity, something as simple as natural light can be a huge help. Research shows that natural light improves your work performance.

So push your desk up to a window to keep the workflow going strong all day. Take a walk outside to motivate yourself to begin that task you’ve been pushing off. And if at all possible, try to limit your exposure to the blue light that emanates from screens like your phone and laptop.

4. Be Grateful

Did you know that being thankful can actually increase your productivity? This study illustrates how positive emotions like gratitude can help you find the energy for actions associated with self-improvement. So whether you are hoping to improve your fitness routine, study for an advanced degree or apply for a new job, gratitude can help you get there! Try making a daily ritual out of expressing your gratitude, either through meditation or by starting a gratitude journal.

Get Going With These Motivation Hacks Supported By Science

We all have to-do lists, but sometimes it’s just so hard to tackle them. When your motivation is lacking, try the above four motivation tips that are backed by science. Sometimes the simplest actions are all you need to start getting things done.

Do you have motivation rituals that always help you? Let us know in the comments!

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