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5 Super Bowl Cocktails to Make At Home This Year

A lot of people traditionally watch the Super Bowl in bars and restaurants. This year, that just isn’t a realistic choice. And what that means is that you need to learn how to become your own bartender. Yikes. Are you wondering what should be on your home bar menu this Sunday? Before you make a run to the liquor store, check out this list.

1. The Classic Mimosa

The Super Bowl starts at 3:30 pm, which is earlier than a typical happy hour. Enter the queen of breakfast cocktails, the mimosa. Woodinville's Chateau Ste. Michelle makes a sweet sparkling wine perfect for sipping. Forward in the Domaine Ste. Michelle Extra Dry are orange and lemon zest flavors. This will perfectly complement orange juice, making the perfect mimosa! Garnish with a lemon or orange wedge.

2. A Shrub G&T

Spice up a regular gin and tonic by adding a northwest inspired shrub or syrup from Simple Goodness Sisters. Based in Buckley, WA, these two women (actual sisters) create all sorts of fun flavor combos with things they grow on their farm. Our recommendation: their Huckleberry Spruce Tip syrup. The spruce flavor will draw out the juniper notes inherent in gin.

3. BBQ Bloody Mary

Traditional Blood Marys are already so much fun that you hardly need to shake things up. But if you’re looking to go a little off the beaten path this Sunday, this is the way to go. Simply use barbecue rub to rim the glass, giving a savory, smoky kick to this cocktail. You can buy Tom Douglas's signature rub for game day. Use whatever you have leftover on a plate of wings or ribs for snacking!

4. The "Seahawks Breeze" Cocktail

It doesn't matter if the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl or not, Seattleites are loyal fans. This recipe from Life Currents includes Limoncello and Blue Curacao, making it an Electric 12th Man Blue. We love you forever, Russell Wilson.

5. A Moscow Mule, Seattle Style

This is a cocktail that’s on every bar menu but is super easy to make at home. However, it’s also one of those drinks that gets infinitely better when you use high-quality ingredients! Using Timber City’s spicy-sweet Ginger Beer and Batch 206 Vodka, this is a fantastic local take on a classic drink. Perfect for sipping while you watch The Weeknd’s halftime show performance.

Now you’re ready for your store run! Stock up your home bar and enjoy some restaurant-quality cocktails during this year’s Super Bowl. Interested in a beer instead? Find our Super Bowl beer list here. Cheers!

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