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Best I-5 Road Trips From Seattle

Interstate 5 cuts right through the middle of Seattle. For most of the year, you may only depend on this thoroughfare as a means of making your daily commute. But summer is here, which means it is time for a road trip!

Along the I-5 corridor are countless road trip gems. Not sure where to start? The following are three of our favorite road trips from Seattle on I-5. Start planning your next adventure now!

Bellingham, Washington | 89 miles | 1.5 hours

Looking for a fun day trip? Circle Bellingham, Washington on your map.

Bellingham is analogous to Seattle’s hip, outdoorsy cousin. A small college town perched on the bay, Bellingham has many of Seattle’s advantages while also being a respite from the bustle of city life. A day in Bellingham consists of eating at one of the town’s many great eateries and strolling along its beautiful beaches.

It also makes for a great road trip if you take Chuckanut Drive — a scenic byway that will carry you for the last 24 miles of the trip. This is the only place where the Cascade Mountains meet the ocean, so it’s worth the slight detour. All you have to do is take a turn off of I-5 at Burlington.

Chuckanut Drive includes good views, a few can’t-miss restaurants, and access to Larrabee State Park.

McMinnville, Oregon | 211 miles | 3.5 hours

Many Seattleites are aware of Washington’s noteworthy wine scene. Whether you’ve spent a day winery-hopping in Woodinville or driven out to Walla Walla to see some of the state’s best vineyards, Washington is home to some excellent grapes.

But our neighbor state, Oregon, can also claim some impressive bragging rights when it comes to wine. Drive down to McMinnville, Oregon, where you will be within a stone’s throw of some of the state’s best and most beautiful vineyards. The area is home to many tasting rooms and wineries, such as Keeler Estate Vineyard, where you can sip wine while overlooking the rolling hills of western Oregon.

Stay the night in the Atticus Hotel, a boutique-style accommodation in downtown McMinnville. Then visit the cute shops and eateries on the main strip — all serving local wine, of course.

To get there, drive south on I-5 until you hit Portland. Spend an afternoon in the Rose City to give yourself a break from the interstate. Leave I-5 for OR-99W. You’ll be in Oregon’s wine country before you know it.

Hansville, Washington | 34 miles | 1.5 hours

Hansville is a beach city in Washington that feels as though it is hundreds of miles away from Seattle, even though it’s really just a quick jaunt up I-5 and across the water.

Hansville is great for a beach getaway — there’s plenty of space for swimming, building sandcastles and having picnics. The surrounding area has lots of family-friendly hikes to choose from!

Take I-5 up to the Edmonds Ferry Terminal, and get in line to cross. Park your car and enjoy the ferry ride from the top deck in order to take in the views! Once across the water, it is only a short drive from the Kingston Terminal to Hansville.

Pack the Car

Feeling inspired for your next road trip? Let us know your itinerary in the comments!

One of the great things about living in Seattle is that we have such immediate access to all of these great destinations. If you’re thinking about cementing your roots here in the Seattle area, reach out to us today. We’d love to tell you about our current and upcoming projects!

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