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Do You Have a Morning Routine? Why it’s Important and How to Make it Stick

It’s 7 am. Your alarm goes off for the first time. You hit snooze.

7:15 am. Your alarm goes off for the second time. You hit snooze again.

7:45 am. You finally make it out of bed and stumble to the shower.

8:25 am. There’s no time for breakfast since you slept in, so you grab an energy drink out of

the fridge and run out the door so you can be at work on time.

Sound familiar? If you have trouble getting going in the morning, you are definitely not alone. But the way you start the day is so important because it sets the stage for everything that follows. That’s why many people find it helpful to have a morning routine.

A morning routine will start your day in a way that sets you up for success. Our team tries to get the most out of every day, and a morning routine is one thing that helps us do that. Keep reading for the lowdown on what a morning routine is, why it’s important, as well as some tips on how to start yours.

What’s a Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a loosely structured order of operations that lasts anywhere from 30-90 minutes. It’s what you do from the time you get up to the moment you transition into other parts of your day, whether that means leaving for work, taking the kids to school, or embarking on other projects. This process becomes a routine when you repeat the same activities every day--with flexibility, but no extreme variation.

Here’s an example of a morning routine:

7 am: Wake up. Stretch and do some basic yoga in your pajamas. Set intentions or goals for the day.

7:15 am: Drink a glass of water and hop in the shower.

7:45 am: Fix yourself a wholesome breakfast. Maybe a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with fresh berries and peanut butter. And coffee!

8 am: Check your email. Gather your things and leave for work at 8:30.

What Are the Benefits of a Morning Routine?

A morning routine won’t magically fix your problems, but it will add regularity and structure to your day. Here are some of the ways a morning routine can benefit you:

  1. It boosts productivity. A morning routine gives you the opportunity to plan or evaluate your goals for the day. A little scheduled meditation or reflection can help you start your morning from a centered place.

  2. A morning routine makes you more organized.

Have you ever had a morning where you couldn’t find anything you needed? You fly around the house looking for your things, only to just barely make it out the door on time? A morning routine gives you a guide to follow in the morning. Logistical organization will lead to physical organization.

  1. It reinforces healthy habits.

Without a schedule to stick to, it is really easy to slide into lazy habits and not meet your goals. A morning routine helps you make time for breakfast, prioritize physical activity or exercise, and practice good hygiene!

Tips for a Successful Morning Routine

Get Centered: A morning routine is about consistency, but it doesn’t have to be rigid. Make goals like, “meditate every morning” instead of “meditate for thirty minutes every morning.” If your child has a wardrobe crisis and you can only meditate for ten minutes, you’ve still met your goal.

Physical Activity: You maybe don’t have time for a full-blown workout every morning. That’s fine. But twenty push-ups or some easy yoga is a great way to wake your body up! If you do have time for a workout though...check out our blog on how to style up your home gym. (link to blog post about home gyms)

No Screens: Well, okay. It’s 2021 and you probably can’t do away with screens completely. But leave that “Do Not Disturb” setting on until after you’ve gotten up and showered. If you start looking at email notifications as soon as you wake, you’re bound to lose an hour to just staring at your phone.

Make Time for Breakfast and Water: It’s important to fuel for the day. Everyone knows that, but many people skip breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast. And make sure you start every day by drinking at least one full glass of water. If you’re getting enough sleep, it will have been hours since you last hydrated. So drink some water first thing. Then you can move on to that blessed cup of morning coffee.

Start the Day Right: Create a Morning Routine

Everyone’s morning routine looks a little different. Customize it to you and your needs. Regardless of what makes it into your routine, remember to have fun with it! Scheduling time for yourself is truly a gift and you should appreciate it for what it is. What gets you going out of bed in the morning? Hit us in the comment section with your favorite activity for the AM!

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