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Have the Best Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

This past year of quarantine has meant a lot of time spent at home. It has also meant a lot of culinary discovery for some people (looking at you, sourdough folks). For others of us, the kitchen is still mostly unfamiliar territory. If you’re making Valentine’s Day dinner at home for the first time, you’re probably worried you’re going to screw it up. So we came up with a few key pieces of advice to help you keep dinner on track!

Take a cooking class.

If you want a fancy dinner but don’t know how to make it, sign up for a live virtual class! Talented chefs will coach you and your SO on how to make a delicious meal. Many classes allow you to pick up ingredient baskets beforehand, so you can participate with minimal prep. Plus you’ll get to learn something new! We love taking classes at The Pantry, but hurry. Classes for the month of February are filling up quick! If you want to make something on your own, remember….

Choose to make something you’ll enjoy, not something overly ambitious.

It’s tempting to want to bust out the Beef Wellington on Valentine’s Day. But if you’ve never made anything like that before, it’s probably not the best move. Something will go wrong, and you’ll spend your Valentine’s Day stressed and harried instead of staring blissfully into your partner’s eyes. Make something you both enjoy. Pizza. Nachos. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re together. But still, you’ll want to….

Pair your meal with an appropriate beverage.

Regardless of what you have for dinner, a dining experience is always elevated when you pair it with the right beverage. And it doesn’t have to be alcoholic. Check out this recipe for one of our favorite mocktails. Putting in the extra effort and sipping on something new shows your SO that you care about the details. And speaking of details...

Set the mood.

Check out these PNW-inspired candles to get the ambiance just right. And maybe look for some aesthetically-pleasing dishes on which to plate your dinner. No matter what you prepare, it’ll look nice on hand-crafted dishware from Akiko’s Pottery. Remember, the devil is in the details, even on Valentine’s Day.

And the most important thing to remember is…

To enjoy your company. Any meal shared with your Valentine will be a success!

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