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How to Know if the DADU Lifestyle is Right for You: A Checklist

Now that detached accessory dwelling units (DADUs) are on the rise in the Seattle metropolitan area, we thought it might be prudent to talk about the DADU lifestyle. In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the values, aesthetics, and advantages of living in a DADU. We’ll also provide a checklist so you can determine if the DADU lifestyle is right for you.

How is a DADU Different Than a Regular House?

A DADU, or detached accessory dwelling unit (link to DADU blog from last week), is a separate living space built on the same lot as a larger home. In the Seattle area, regulations surrounding DADUs have relaxed in recent years. DADUs can now be up to 1000 square feet.

Wondering if it’s a good fit for you? Let’s go through a couple of defining traits of people who love the DADU lifestyle. Check off the boxes of the ones that apply to you!

⃞ Are You Interested in Shrinking Your Carbon Footprint?

Because DADUs are less square footage than a regular house, it encourages you to not just be efficient, but intentional. You won’t be able to buy meaningless junk or allow things to accumulate. Your lifestyle will automatically become more sustainable.

The fact that you will buy less goes hand in hand with other aspects of environmental efficiency. In a smaller space, you use less heat and energy. Ergo, your carbon footprint shrinks correspondingly. This is a large reason why eco-conscious people are looking at DADUs. If you can find a DADU built using sustainable practices, this is even better.

⃞ You Favor Efficiency Above All Else

The typical person who is attracted to DADU living is all about efficiency. Living in a smaller space requires multifunctional furniture as well as creative home solutions. When every square inch of your home is utilized, there’s no space to waste. Tiny home advocates have come up with numerous solutions for making space as efficient as possible. You could be part of that movement.

⃞ Your Favorite Aesthetic is Minimalism

Simplicity isn’t just a lifestyle value, it’s also a stylistic choice. Like we said earlier, a DADU lifestyle just doesn’t allow for the accumulation of stuff. So you must be intentional about your decor, and favor minimalism above all else.

  • Clean lines

  • A monochromatic color scheme

  • Uncluttered spaces

Now, just because DADU’s are small spaces doesn’t mean they cannot accommodate multiple people or even whole families. But in order for them to work, efficiency and minimalism have to be defining priorities of the inhabitants. Hyper-efficient living isn’t for everyone, but some people really geek out about this stuff! Sound like you? Then the DADU lifestyle may be for you.

⃞ You Often Find Yourself Thinking About Affordable Solutions to Urban Density

The fact is, Seattle is growing. And that means we need more sustainable housing options, or we risk driving people out of the city with high home prices. DADUs provide economically accessible pathways to homeownership, as well as an aesthetically pleasing solution to urban density. If you want to put down roots in Seattle but are worried about the future, DADU living may be the solution.

Home Sweet DADU

If you love minimalism and efficiency in both your lifestyle and aesthetics, then DADU living might be for you. DADUs allow you to have your own, affordable space, and live the lifestyle you want to live. If you checked any of the above boxes, your perfect home may be a DADU.

If you have more questions about DADUs or living efficiently, hit us up in the comments or send us a message.

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