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How to Make Your Home Gym the Best Room in Your House

Gym memberships certainly have their merits. They get you access to expert trainers, a myriad of equipment, and also serve as a place to learn new skills and meet new people. But the pandemic has caused many people to cancel their gym memberships in order to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Which means now more than ever, people are working out at home.

This post features our advice on how to make your home gym absolutely stellar. Not so much about what exact equipment you should buy--that depends a lot on what your favorite workout is. But we’ve got a few tricks in the bag for making your workout space your favorite room in the house.

First: Designate a Space

Maybe you have a room in your house just for working out. That’s awesome. But more likely, you’ll be working out in your living room, your basement, or even outside (when the weather’s nice.) So that said, you’re going to want to create a designated workout area that is flexible for multi-use. This is possible even if you have a small space! Here are some ways you can easily transform your living room into a home gym:

  • Buy a coffee table with storage. You can keep a yoga mat, hand weights, and resistance bands in the middle of the room, yet out of sight.

  • Install open shelves. Again, an easy way to store your workout equipment without it being in the way or on the floor.

  • Focus on a particular corner or nook of your house. Maybe you don’t have the square footage for a separate home gym, but you can identify a corner of your house to designate as a workout space. Install your Peloton or other workout equipment there.

Second: Make it Comfortable

Here is one of the most common complaints about gyms: they’re intimidating. A lot of people feel that normal gyms are inaccessible or frightening. And guess what? Working out should be a positive experience. One that builds you up and makes you feel good. So do what you need to do in order to make your home gym as comfortable as possible.

  • Install photos of your workout heroes or favorite athletes. Maybe a picture of Naomi Osaka winning the Australian Open last month. Or Megan Rapinoe in her Seattle Reign jersey. Swoon.

  • Choose fun colors and soft textures. Gyms don’t have to be bland. Have fun.

  • Install a phone dock so you can play your music out loud. Throw your favorite workout playlist in the comments for us if you feel so inclined.

  • Install a mirror. Mirrors help you track your progress and perfect your form.

Third: Emphasize Recovery

Gyms aren’t all about crushing your cardio goals (though that’s a fun part of them.) So many people don’t pay enough attention to recovery. So here’s another thing that will take your home gym above and beyond: include some recovery strategies that will help you take good care of your body after a tough workout.

  • A yoga mat for getting your stretch on

  • A foam roller. If you’ve used one, you know what we mean. If you haven’t, go get one.

  • A plush towel for sweat

  • A refillable water bottle

Get a Lifelong Membership to Your Home Gym

If you take these steps to create the home gym of your dreams, we guarantee it’ll be one membership that you never cancel. Remember, working out is about going hard and absolutely crushing your goals. And it’s also about taking care of your body. Design a home gym that does all of these things and you’ll never regret it!

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