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Seattle’s Most Affordable Suburbs

It’s no secret that Seattle is a great place to live. But as more and more people settle down here, the cost of living has gone up considerably. The average home price is now $813,154. Yikes!

Fortunately, Seattle is surrounded by neighborhoods that are a lot more affordable and are excellent places to call home. These suburbs have easy access to the city’s perks, while offering a more affordable, more accessible way of life. Keep reading for some neighborhood snapshots of our favorite Seattle suburbs.

The Suburb: Everett

Average Home Price: $495,958

Population: 109,766

Commute to Seattle: 35 min

More of a town than a suburb, Everett was built around a historic paper mill and has grown into a wonderful place to live. Just north of Seattle on I-5, Everett boasts good schools, an amateur hockey team, as well as a lovely downtown area. There are plans to extend the Link Light Rail all the way to Everett, which will undoubtedly make the commute to Seattle even easier. It is also bound to increase the property value, so now may be a good time to make your move to Everett!

The Suburb: Federal Way

Average Home Price: $462,320

Population: 96,526

Commute to Seattle: 26 min

Federal Way is just south of Seattle. It’s a great place to live because of its stellar water access. (link to Washington beaches blog) Federal Way residents have easy access to Dash Point State Park, a popular spot for aquatic recreation. Its sandy beach makes it a great place for families to play.

The Suburb: Burien

Average Home Price: $530,643

Population: 51,477

Commute to Seattle: 18 min

Whether you’re enjoying a stroll through Seahurst Park or sitting down for some libations at one of the area’s top restaurants or brewpubs, Burien is a great place to be. You can experience a slower pace of life without having to give up access to all of Seattle’s perks.

The Suburb: Lynwood

Average Home Price: $582,160

Population: 38,143

Commute to Seattle: 22 min

Lynwood is north of Seattle and neighbors Edmonds. Edmonds is an artsy waterside municipality, but its home values are nearly comparable to Seattle’s. In Lynwood, you have easy access to all the benefits of Edmonds, but for a superbly affordable home price.

The Suburb: Maple Valley

Average Home Price: $574,336

Population: 26,352

Commute to Seattle: 40 min

In Maple Valley, you’re right next to the Tiger Mountain State Forest and the Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area. This is a huge draw for nature lovers. In town, you’ll find cute shops and boutiques, as well as activities for the whole family.

Enjoy Seattle, At Your Price Point

You don’t have to live in Seattle proper in order to enjoy what it has to offer. There are several surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs with great city access as well as small-town charm. Feel free to reach out to us to see if we’re working on a project in a neighborhood that will interest you!

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