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The Perfect Seattle Beer Pairings for 5 Classic Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Sunday is known for two things: appetizers and football. Probably in that order. The Super Bowl is when people bust out their favorite shareable apps--like jalapeño poppers or 7 layer dip, and snack the day away. But with every great app should come with a great beer. We took a look at five classic Super Bowl snacks and paired them with some of our favorite Seattle beers. Keep reading for some winning combos worthy of game day.

1. The App: Wings

Pretty much everybody loves wings. But not everyone can agree on how to prepare them. Should they be honey-glazed and sweet or spicy like fire? Dipped in ranch or smoky bleu cheese? Friendships have been ended over conflicts such as this.

That’s why we recommend Perihelion Brewery's American Blonde to go with your wings this year. It's yeasty-fruity-dry so it should complement most renditions of Super Bowl wings, regardless of how you cook them.

2. The App: Spinach Artichoke Dip

A classic shareable Super Bowl appetizer, beloved amongst vegetarians and cheese lovers. And it just so happens to pair really well with Ravenna Brewing Co.'s Electric Gloss Hazy IPA. Not everyone loves hazy beers, but IPA aficionados will really dig the clean finish on this one. The addition of Citra hops will perfectly complement the artichoke in the dip.

3. The App: Potato Skins

Arguably one of the heavier Super Bowl snacks. Baked potato skins, cut up and stuffed with cheese, bacon, and green onion? This is a show stopper for sure. You need a beer that complements those savory flavors, without weighing you down into the couch. That's why it pairs well with Lowercase Brewing's Dortmunder. Its malty flavor will go well with the potatoes. But while many malty beers tend to be on the heavier side, this beer is nice and light. Basically, you can keep snacking as much as you want.

4. The App: Chips & Guac

Down in Pike Place Market is a place called Old Stove Brewing. They are known as a great place to snag a craft brew and watch the sunset over the Sound. Their Streaker Citra IPA has been on the menu for literal years. It's one of the lightest and brightest IPAs in Seattle. And those Citra hops will pull out the lime flavor that we all know is imperative to a good batch of guacamole.

5. The App: Bacon-Wrapped Figs

Easy and delicious. Sweet and savory and looks good on a toothpick. Pair this classic app with Métier Brewing Company's Oatmeal Stout. Forward in this beer are maple and brown sugar flavors, making for a perfect maple-bacon combo. This beer is sure to give you a warm feeling in your belly, whether your team wins or not.

No matter what you eat during the Super Bowl, make sure you pour a worthy beer to go with it. These five Seattle brews are not just delicious but will pair perfectly with your snack plate.

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