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Welcome to the NWG Urban Blog. Pull Up a Seat.

Welcome to NWG Urban’s blog space.

This is a creative zone where we take a deep dive into all of the finer points of real estate. There’s so much that goes into turning a house into a home, and this blog is a one stop shop for having some of those conversations. Whether you are looking for the right outdoor decor or choosing kitchen appliances, we’re here for you. We want to talk to you about real estate, but also every little thing in between.

The NWG Urban team is dedicated to matching people with their forever homes.

Our experienced crew advises developers and selects projects that we feel belong in Seattle. In this city, we live life to its fullest. We love our sports teams and culinary scene. We are in awe of our booming tech and diversity. Each and every neighborhood has its own special history, eateries, and vibrancy. This blog is where we expand on some of these things.

We strive to create content that means something.

Our listicles, opinion pieces, and informational posts are all geared towards conveying life as we see it. On this page, you’ll frequently see profiles of our team members, or breakdowns of our favorite neighborhoods. We also like making note of our favorite restaurants, decor trends, and home styling tips. So you’ll see some of that here, too.

Our team members are multi-talented and knowledgeable in a vast array of topics. All of our individual interests are what make us into a unique sales, marketing, and real estate team. On this blog, permit us to open up and share these things with you.

More than anything though, this is a space for you.

If you’ve found yourself on this page, it’s because we want to share the real estate experience with you. Check back frequently for new posts, and feel free to leave us a message in the comments section. Is there something you’ve always wanted to know about real estate, the King County area, or our team? Just let us know! We’ll do our best to answer. Together, we’ll unpack some of the great things about the real estate industry. Pull up a seat and get comfy. Thanks for joining us!

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